Players Ntwrk Launching Digital Pop Culture Programing On Twitch

April 15, 2020

Players Ntwrk to debut with coronavirus charity livestream
Photo: From Daily Esports

Players Ntwrk is launching its digital pop culture entertainment programming, starting with pilot shows on the livestreaming platform Twitch. The entertainment network draws its performers from professional athletes, esports stars, gamers, musicians, and other celebrities.

Stratton Sclavos, CEO of the company, and Daylight Holdings president Ben Curtis created the Players Ntwrk in 2018 as a celebratory, fan-focused response to the ever-connecting worlds of gaming, sports, esports, music, and streaming entertainment.

As conversations with celebrity athletes, musicians, actors, and other content creators developed, Sclavos approached WME and Klutch Sports Group, offering their top entertainers’ opportunities to create and produce original content under one universal entertainment platform.

As the network rolls out its 2020 content slate, fans will be able to interact, play against and discover other fans from overlapping fandoms. Fans of KatGunn will get opportunities to be introduced to fans of PartyNextDoor and vice versa. The network will also have frequent collaborations with well-known celebrities across sports, music, film/tv and gaming.

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