“THE CONVERSATION” Episode #26 With Grant Parr, Mental Sports Performance Consultant

March 18, 2020

Grant Parr, M.A. is a Mental Sports Performance Consultant focusing on high impact and combat sports. His consulting practice uses mental performance techniques and strategies to help athletes and coaches gain a competitive edge in their sport performance. He consults with a wide variety of athletes and sports disciplines including fencing, football, wrestling, martial arts and many others.

​Grant’s career in sports began at the age of 7. His fascination with full contact and combat sports led him down an exciting and inspiring career in various sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. His football career as quarterback spanned 13 years in both high school and college, earning him various awards and accolades. After graduating from California High School, Grant excelled at the collegiate level playing for Chabot Junior College and Sonoma State University. Due to a career ending injury, he transferred to Chico State University to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Communications – Media Arts. After graduation, Grant spent 17 years in sales in the technology space in the Bay Area.

Grant’s enthusiasm for mental performance in sports is not only fueled by his passion as an athlete, coach, and sport performance consultant, but how mental performance translates into life skills. His own injury has also served as a motivator to support other athletes learn how to mentally recuperate and thrive after injuries.

Grant’s “90% Mental” is a podcast that promotes awareness around mental performance within sport by interviewing athletes and coaches where they can share their stories and perspectives on sport psychology topics.

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