"THE CONVERSATION" Episode #12, With Paul Epstein, CEO & Founder of Purpose Labs | Keynote Speaker

February 21, 2020


Organizations everywhere are struggling. For whatever reason, you’ve fallen behind in sales, your culture is a mess, or your growth has stalled out. Or maybe you’re excelling, but success has let complacency creep into your teams. So you start playing defense— reactive, on your heels, the market dictating terms – and once you start playing defense, it’s difficult to stop.

Paul Epstein became the go-to fixer for NBA teams, NFL franchises, and league executive offices because he’s mastered the come-from-behind win. He recognizes that victory comes from the inside, and requires an All-In culture empowered by a growth mindset and a belief that we all have unlimited potential – when we double down on our gifts, talents, and passions.

Paul focuses on inspiring others to discover and amplify the power of purpose within their company, culture, and personal game plan.

Paul speaks about the power of Playing Offense how living and working with a focus on leadership, culture, and purpose can transform organizations and individuals anywhere to unleash their full potential. He shows how you and your team can become more inspired, impactful, and fulfilled to create a competitive advantage of culture where greatness can be the catalyst for growth.

“Paul is not some guy repeating popular inspirational quotes and viral memes. He brings cogent / practical lessons and meaningful takeaways, that he has implemented time and time again throughout his extremely diverse and successful career – these lessons are must haves!”

Paul is an expert in achieving world-class performance, with lessons and insights gained from leadership roles as a business coach and culture champion for nearly 15 years as a professional sports executive.  Couple that with his training and consulting experience across Fortune 100 organizations, prominent universities, and global non-profits, Paul is bringing his wealth of institutional knowledge inside organizations worldwide.  Consider him, a Chief People Officer.  Someone who understands how to build a business locker room inspired by a common purpose, coach high performance teams, and maximize the talent of every member in your organization.  This is the ‘Inside Game’.  A transformation that starts from within, and will ultimately be your competitive edge to win over the market.

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