NFL Owners Approve Negotiated Terms For New Labor Agreement

February 20, 2020

The National Football League owners came to a quick vote on Thursday to accept the negotiated terms on the principles of a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Details were not released but the owners moved quickly out of a Manhattan hotel without comment on the proposed CBA

Now the player’s have a conference call Friday with the union executives committee and team player representatives.

The owners seem eager to replace the 10-year labor agreement done that will conclude in March of 2021. There are several key elements that will affect the upcoming 2020 season.

With the league’s business beginning March 18 the elements are a 17-game schedule, which has been a controversial item for the NFLPA. The 17th game would be played at a neutral site like Europe, Brazil or Mexico. This would reduce the pre-season games from four to three.

Another item that will be scrutinized is player revenues. The current percentage is 47, however it will go up but not exceeding 50 percent.

The other big item is the expansion of the playoffs which the NFL has been wanting for years.

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