Ex-Blue Jays Reliever Mike Bolsinger Adds Owner Jim Crane, Staffer Derek Vigoa To Lawsuit

February 21, 2020

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Mike Bolsinger amended his lawsuit against the Houston Astros. Included in the lawsuit is Astros owner Jim Crane and Derek Vioga a baseball-operations staffer.

Bolsinger, 32, filed a civil suit Feb. 10 alleging the Astros had engaged in unfair business practices and negligence via a “duplicitous and tortious scheme of sign-stealing.” In Bolsinger’s last major league outing, on Aug. 4, 2017, the Astros scored four runs in a third of an inning against him while allegedly using their trash-can-banging system on 12 of the 29 pitches he threw.

The initial complaint named the Astros organization but included so-called Doe defendants, allowing it to be amended to add individuals allegedly involved. Others who allegedly participated in the scheme, which has enraged players and fans and caused consternation across the sport since spring training began, could join Crane and Vigoa as defendants.

Crane has been under scrutiny since a news conference Feb. 13 during which he said the Astros’ cheating during the 2017 season “didn’t impact the game” and that “I don’t think I should be held accountable.”

Vigoa, who is listed on the Astros’ website as senior manager of team operations, was an intern in 2016 when he introduced Luhnow to a system developed by the baseball-operations department called “Codebreaker,” according to a Wall Street Journal story.

Bolsinger’s complaint seeks monetary damages for the scheme “harming his career.” The Toronto Blue Jays designated Bolsinger for assignment after his outing against the Astros, and he has not returned to the major leagues, spending the past two seasons with the Chiba Lotte Mariners in Japan. “

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