NFL Postseason Could Expand To 14 Teams In New CBA

February 20, 2020

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL and the NFLPA’s current new collective bargaining agreement proposal would boost the sport’s postseason from six teams per conference to seven. In addition, only one team from each conference would receive a first-round bye, according to Schefter, as opposed to two.

Under the current CBA proposal that NFL owners are pushing for, the playoff field would be expanded to seven teams from each conference, while the regular season would be increased to 17 games per team and the preseason shortened to three games per team.

The changes to the NFL’s playoff format would take effect for the 2020 season, assuming the new CBA is ratified beforehand. Had the proposed format been in place this past season, the Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers would have been the next teams included in the expanded playoff field.

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