Alabama’s Football AP Top-Five Streak Ends At 68

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December 2, 2019

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PHOTO: Jaylen Waddle | Alabama Athletics

Alabama fell to No. 9 in Sunday’s AP Top 25, ending a record streak of 68 consecutive weeks in the top five.

The Crimson Tide (10-2) ended the regular season with a 48-45 loss at No. 15 Auburn, dropping from the No. 5 spot in last week’s poll. Alabama did move past Florida for the third-longest streak of poll appearances, reaching 210 consecutive weeks.

Up 3, Auburn was subbing in the punt team for what looked like a second chance for Jones and Alabama’s offense. They’d get the ball back with about 50 seconds left and a chance to win. Only the abnormal Auburn substitution left Alabama scrambling its punt return team off the field and the defense on. Waddle, a star with four touchdowns Saturday, didn’t get off the field fast enough as a returner. Illegal substation. Twelve men on the field. Game over.

Earlier, a timing situation had Saban hysterical on the sideline. A pass to Tiger to JaTavious Whitlow went for 17 yards across the middle when a host of Tide tacklers took him down at the 34-yard line. The second-quarter clock ticked down to zeros and Alabama ran to the locker room thinking they were up 31-24 at halftime.

The Crimson Tide’s run is over for now but watch out for the reboot from Saban and his talented team.

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