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November 7, 2019

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Photo: Youtube


  • 1943 Detroit Lions 0, NY Giants 0; last scoreless tie in NFL
  • 1962 Glenn Hall set NHL record of 503 consecutive games as goalie
  • 1963 New York Yankee Elston Howard is 1st african American ever voted AL MVP
  • 1978 Boston Red Sox Jim Rice wins AL MVP
  • 1987 3rd College Football Holy War: Notre Dame beats Boston College 32-25 in South Bend
  • 1991 Magic Johnson announces he has HIV virus & retires from LA Lakers
  • 1998 10th College Football Holy War: Notre Dame beats Boston College 31-26 in Chestnut Hill
  • 2017 South Korean golfer Park Sung-hyun becomes the first LPGA rookie to be ranked no. 1


League of Legends European Championship (LEC) Summer Finals on September 8, 2019 in Athens, Greece.
PHOTO: Forbes

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Just a bit more..

What Brands Spent The Most Money?

  1. GEICO ($19.4 million)
  2. T-Mobile ($16.3 million)
  3. Progressive ($14.5 million)
  4. Taco Bell ($12.4 million)
  5. YouTube TV ($11.1 million)
  6. Chevrolet ($10.8 million)
  7. Bank of America ($10.5 million)
  8. Indeed ($9.5 million)
  9. Apple iPhone ($9.4 million)
  10. Ford ($9.1 million)

What Industries Spent The Most Money?

  1. Insurance: Auto & General ($51.2 million)
  2. Vehicles: Auto Makers ($45.2 million)
  3. Electronics & Communications: Wireless ($30.4 million)
  4. Electronics & Communications: Mobile Devices ($21.4 million)
  5. Life & Entertainment: Video Streaming Services ($20.5 million)

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