Aaron Rodger Perfect, Packers Beat Raiders 42-24

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October 20, 2019

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers
Photo: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

After taking down the Dallas Cowboys behind a dominating ground-and-pound performance, Aaron Rodgers admitted, “I’ve accomplished a lot statistically in this league. I just want to win now.” It was a statement evincing a type of acceptance that he’d moved into another phase of his career, one where the Green Bay Packers’ defense and run game could get the job done. Yet the Rodgers we saw against the Raiders on Sunday looked a lot more like the guy he’s been most of his career, one who can slice apart defenses by sheer force of will.

Rodgers surgically dissected a helpless Oakland defense en route to six total touchdowns, five through the air, and a perfect 158.3 passer rating to go with his 429 yards passing. If he wasn’t in the MVP discussion before, he’s squarely there now as he lifted the Packers to a 42-24 win and a 6-1 start. (READ MORE) by

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Perfect. Passer. Rating. Rodgers had an historic day against the Raiders. Only six of his passes fell incomplete and half of those were drops. He completed 25 passes for 429 yards and 5 touchdowns. And he even scored a rushing touchdown. That’s six touchdowns. The Packers had 22 first downs in the game and 15 of them were through the air. He took whatever he wanted all day. If he wanted to score fast, he did. If he wanted to run clock, he did. He was only stopped twice all game. All the rest of the drives were for touchdowns to five different receivers and Rodgers calling his own number. (READ MORE) by

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