Raiders Hold Off Bears For Win In London, England 24-21

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October 6, 2019

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders
Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Sunday was Raiders’ third game in London and the third time was apparently the charm. They came out with an improbable 24-21 win over the Bears.


Jon Gruden

There isn’t a happier person on the planet than Jon Gruden right now. He took his team halfway across the world to face the likely Hall of Famer who he infamously traded away in his prime who was the lynch pin on the best defensive line in football and dominated them on the ground using the player he selected with the first of the two first round picks he acquired in that trade (breathe). I think the word would be vindication. It doesn’t matter if this actually vindicates him because it squashes the questions for a while. It’s a large weight off his shoulders. He might actually sleep in tomorrow. (READ MORE) by

A feeling of agitation pulsed through the visitors locker room at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday night. The Bears had come to the United Kingdom vowing to be focused, energized and locked in on this important early October business trip. Yet, as they packed their equipment bags and headed out into a cool fall night, they were returning home with only feelings of displeasure.

They didn’t have a fourth victory to stash away for their long trip home. The souvenir supply from a sloppy evening in an electrified stadium was minimal. A sluggish start and an inability to finish drowned the excitement of a brilliant third-quarter comeback effort. (READ MORE) by DAN WIEDERER | Chicago Tribune


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