Urban Meyer May Want Back Into Coaching Next Season

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September 18, 2019

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Photo: Washington Post

You knew it was a matter of time before Urban Meyer would be back coaching college football. Meyer stepped away from coaching at Ohio State and has gone into the TV business, but questions always was about how long that will last.

Meyer expressed how difficult it is to live each day without coaching to drive him. “I’ve been in a fight for 33 years, and now you’re not in that fight,” Meyer told’s Doug Lesmerises.

“I’m not there at the moment,” Meyer said of a possible return to Lesmerises. “Like you said, next year can I say that? We’ll talk again next year and we’ll see.”

There will be many opportunities for Meyer at the end of the year. Schools like UCLA, USC, Rutgers, Boston College, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Auburn, New Mexico, New Mexico State, UNLV, Illinois, Arizona, Florida State, Tennessee.

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