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September 3, 2019

PHOTO: OG took home the lion’s share ($15 million) after their TI9 triumph.

Esports is more lucrative than ever, with players earning more in a single tournament than some of the most successful sports athletes earn in the most profitable sporting events.

Tournament prize money is directly reflecting the exponential growth and big-name investment that esports has received of late, with the most recent Dota 2 tournament (The International 2019) offering a prize pool in excess of $34 million to its competitors.

Top 10 highest esports earners to-date (July 29, 2019)

  Player Prize Money Game
1 Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Takhasomi $4,235,456.55 Dota 2
2 Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi $$3,799,837.28 Dota 2
3 Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein $3,765,555.59 Dota 2
4 Ivan ‘MinD_ContRoL’ Ivanov $3,590,911.76 Dota 2
5 Lasse ‘Matumbaman’ Urpalainen $3,540,616.04 Dota 2
6 Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan $3,349,914.94 Dota 2
7 Jesse ‘JerAx’ Vainikka $3,344,963.82 Dota 2
8 Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej $3,193,844.84 Dota 2
9 Saahil ‘UNiVeRsE’ Arora $3,038,937.67 Dota 2
10 Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf $3,025,900.00 Fortnite

Of course, an impending shuffle in esports earners is certainly on the cards, with Dota 2’s upcoming ‘The International’ 2019, which looks set to surprass the World Cup’s $30 million prize pool, taking place in less than a month. 

With the Fortnite World Cup now complete, many will of course look to what’s next for competitive Fortnite, but from that tournament alone many players have already secured life-changing amounts of money.

Thanks to the tracking of esportsEarnings, we can see which players have pocketed the most cash from their performances at tournaments, so far, ahead of the big event.

Fortnite’s top 20 highest earners* – Updated July 29, 2019
Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st Bugha USA $3,025,900.00
2nd psalm USA $1,864,800.00
3rd Aquav2 Austria $1,568,667.56
4th Nyhrox Norway $1,512,536.49
5th EpikWhale USA $1,264,950.00
6th Kreo Hong Kong $1,167,550.00
7th Rojo Netherlands $1,167,550.00
8th Wolfiez UK $1,136,800.00
9th Ceice USA $1,057,500.00
10th Zayt Canada $1,044,750.00
11th Saf USA $994,975.00
12th kinG Argentina $973,900.00
13th Elevate Canada $943,700.00
14th Skite France $787,026.01
15th Crue Sweden $667,500.00
16th Bizzle USA $568,250.00
17th Tfue USA $555,900.00
18th Arkhram USA $530,650.00
19th Mitr0 Netherlands $522,249.81
20th Falconer USA $472,600.00

* Earnings from Fortnite Creative tournaments are not counted towards players totals. Here’s the top 20 creative players.

Fortnite’s top 20 highest creative earners – Updated July 27, 2019

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st Suezhoo BEL $341,250
2nd hiimtylerh CAN $341,250
3rd Zand DEN $341,250
4th Cizzorz USA $336,250
5th Kouto FRA $91,250
6th Draceus SWE $91,250
7th Huizhi TUR $91,250
8th Tomoya JAP $86,250
9th art1er GER $83,750
10th ChapsTV USA $83,750
11th MagMa AUS $83,750
12th Gotaga FRA $78,750
13th Kaz USA $78,750
14th Taco USA $78,750
15th Taldak723 USA $78,750
16th Ninja USA $73,750
17th bentz0r USA $72,500
18th RyanFranta USA $72,500
19th MrKeroro10 SPA $72,500
20th Rubius SPA $67,500

The full top 20 list, according to esportsearnings.com on July 17 2019 can be found below. This article will be updated after the conclusion of each major Overwatch competition.

Top 20 Highest Earning Overwatch Pro Players – Updated April 10 2019

1stGestureSouth Korea$197,508.75
2ndProfitSouth Korea$197,508.75
3rdCloserSouth Korea$197,026.19
4thbirdringSouth Korea$178,231.62
5thBdosinSouth Korea$171,038.86
6thFurySouth Korea$167,450.94
7thNUSSouth Korea$166,256.87
8thSaebyeolbeSouth Korea$102,547.30
9thMek0South Korea$99,547.30
10thHooregSouth Korea$97,907.07
11thManoSouth Korea$93,692.55
12thLiberoSouth Korea$93,582.22
13thJJoNakSouth Korea$89,498.02
14thpineSouth Korea$88,012.28
15thjanusSouth Korea$86,293.32
16thANAMOSouth Korea$85,918.73
18thArKSouth Korea$77,952.15

All information from dexerto.com by Andy Williams

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