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August 21, 2019

Big Ten members will each receive over $60 million in media rights revenue in 2025. That number is expected to increase to $70 million by 2029.

Rutgers will get its first full share as a Big Ten member in 2027 that being $65.238 million.

After receiving $36 million in 2017, Michigan received a $51.1 million payout in 2018 from the conference largely thanks to a huge rights deal with ESPN and Fox and the success of the Big Ten Network. The number will increase to $52.1 million for the 2019 fiscal year.

Via the Detroit News:

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel presented the budget at the Michigan Board of Regents meeting Thursday afternoon.

The department projects revenues of nearly $188 million, including a significant boost from the Big Ten financial distributions. Michigan will receive $52.1 million in Big Ten conference disbursements.

The Big Ten’s new television football and basketball agreements last year gave Michigan a big chunk from the conference. Michigan received $51.1 million in conference disbursements, a significant increase from the $36.3 million in 2017.  The Big Ten moved to multiple television partners in the new deal with ESPN/ABC and Fox.

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