Fortnite World Cup

By Matthew Bari | July 29, 2019

PHOTO: From Junkie

Epic Games created a phenomenon 2 short years ago when they released the free to play title “Fortnite”. It is a ‘Battle Royale’ style game, similar to the series of books and movies the ‘Hunger Games’.

The objective is to land on an island against 99 other players and be the last one standing. This type of game has taken over the video game industry and is one of the most watched genres on Youtube and Twitch. That would make sense why they just hosted the first ever ‘Fortnite World Cup’.

Kyle Giersdorf, a.k.a. “Bugha” is a 16-year-old from Pennsylvania. He cashed in for the top prize of $3 million dollars on Sunday and has been Crowned the Best Fortnite player in the World. During the broadcast it was noted that he just recently got a job to start saving for his first car. It looks like he will have no trouble affording that and most likely will not be making it in for his shift today. His allowance most likely is irrelevant, maybe even his parents are taking out the trash this week.

The Fortnite World Cup was hosted at the historic Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. The best players from all around the world converged for an event like no other. $30 million dollars in prizes was awarded this weekend and bragging rights to be coined the Best in the World.

It was a 3-day event that featured a Fan Fest, Creative mode (which is player created game modes and maps), Fortnite Pro-AM, Duos (teams of two competing), and the Solo Championships (100 individual players). Some of the biggest names in streaming and competitive gameplay were featured. The event has paved the way for all video games and changed the landscape for future competitive tournaments.

Viewership of the event surpassed well over 2 million people across multiple platforms. This is something that the game has set records in before, but you can only anticipate that to grow. With every major media company launching their own streaming services, you can imagine that someone will try to monopolize on these events in the future.

Fortnite is still the most played video game in history with over 40 million users and entering its 10th Season of the game. It will be interesting to see where it continues to go and how it will influence the rest of the video game and esports industries.

PHOTO: From Forbes

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