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Michael Porter Jr. started shooting off draft boards before his biggest concern reared its ugly head. USA Today reported Wednesday that the Kings are now looking at Porter at No. 2 in the draft, along with Luka Doncic and Marvin Bagley III, assuming the Suns take Deandre Ayton at No. 1. Not longer after that, though, Porter’s camp informed teams that he was canceling his showcase workout Friday in Chicago due to back spasms, according to Yahoo Sports. By Justin Terranova

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Is the plot unraveling for the Hollywood story? The summer of LeBron James, in which no morsel is too minute to investigate, every possible breadcrumb of news an opportunity to follow down the rabbit hole, is fully under way.

Jeanie Buss, the owner of the Lakers, is well aware. Jerry Buss’ daughter offered a tweet tailor-made for 2018 on Wednesday night, with overflowing implications and precious little overt as the world waits for LeBron. By Mark W. Sanchez

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Add another intriguing summertime option that will vie for LeBron James’ services. The latest tidbit on James’ future comes from The New York Times, which reported this weekend that the Spurs want a place on his already-lengthy list of potential destinations. The three-time NBA champion is already linked with Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles (Lakers).

Now, coach Gregg Popovich will reportedly try to wrangle his way into a conversation with James to sell him on the Spurs, opening the door for two of the faces of the NBA joining forces. James has previously called Popovich a “great mastermind” and even “the greatest coach of all time.” By Jake Nisse

The most talked about news and rumors around the NBA these days is the free agent destination of LeBron James. Just like in 2010 when everyone’s guess was as good as anyone else’s, it is difficult to weed out truth from rumor, or theory from reality, when it comes to what James plans to do and what he’s thinking these days.

 James going to any NBA team is, of course, not outside the realm of possibility, but not all of them fall within the realm of realism. Take the Toronto Raptors for example. The Cavs could do a sign-and-trade for James to go to the NBA team that he has owned in recent years and bring it closer to a championship. But it’s highly unlikely and not one that will happen anytime in the future.

Let’s look at some of the 10 most absurd theories and rumors that have been making the rounds on the web these days. By  

Gregg Popovich’s two-decade-plus tenure as the head coach of the Spurs could be ending sooner rather than later. Those close to Popovich do not expect him to last as Spurs coach beyond the 2020 Summer Olympics when he is coaching the US team, according to ESPN. Popovich could spend the 2019-2020 season preparing for the Tokyo Games, which could make this upcoming season his last.

Popovich has led the Spurs to five NBA Championships and has won three NBA Coach of the Year awards. The Popovich news came out of a larger story about the relationship between the coach and star forward Kawhi Leonard. By New York Post

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Rodney Dangerfield encapsulated the pain of a lot of professions, including NBA head coaches, when he said, “I get no respect.” Lose and you’re a chump. Win and you’re just a benefactor of great athletes.

Both of those opinions are hogwash. NFL and MLB fans may scoff at this notion, but the NBA season is the most grueling endeavor of all the professional sports that don’t require ice skates. You have to get the upper hand on an 82-game season and then potentially play 28 games to win a championship. You have to have exceptional players who stay healthy, a little luck, and most importantly… great coaching. By Aaron Tallent

As 2018 NBA free agency approaches, all eyes are on LeBron James and where the future Hall of Famer could land once he makes his anticipated departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and San Antonio are just some of the speculated destinations.

But more than two weeks ahead of King James likely hitting the market, only one team has publicly recruited the 33-year-old superstar, even committing this week to hire James’ son, LeBron Jr., if the three-time NBA champion signs with them. The only catch? They are not a basketball team, and they don’t want LeBron to play basketball. By  

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Appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with the Larry O’Brien Trophy in tow, back-to-back NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant humored the late-night host when asked about the possibility of LeBron James somehow joining the Golden State Warriors as a free agent this offseason. “I just don’t think that’ll happen. I don’t want to go there,” Durant said. “Someone who’s listening is going to write something. I don’t know. I’ll stay on my side, for sure.”

Durant, who endured serious scrutiny when he joined the Warriors in the summer of 2016, later said he thinks “a lot of players might be too afraid to come and play for us.” “The backlash is a lot, I don’t know if they’re ready for that,” he added. “My pitch for every free agent: You might get some backlash, but you might get one of these.” By Travis Durkee


After seven straight playoff appearances, the Memphis Grizzlies fell extremely short of that goal in 2017-18, finishing with the second worst record (22-60) in the NBA.

By  owner Robert Pera is confident his team will bounce back, attributing the struggles this past season to injuries, via Grind City Media and The Commercial Appeal


On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors celebrated their third championship in the last four years with another epic parade that included HALF A MILLION dollars of alcohol, according to TMZ Sports,

TMZ also reported that the Dubs popped $400,000 worth of champagne in their locker room after sweeping the Cavaliers last Friday. By 



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