The San Francisco 49ers made a wise move on a day when the league’s owners made a foolish one. The Niners are ditching their all-black uniforms (for now) and going back to their 1994 white throwbacks as their alternates for this upcoming season. By JONATHAN JONES

A player will now draw a 15-yard penalty if he lowers his head and makes contact with an opponent with his helmet—a rule that’s no doubt beneficial for the game’s safety. But given the limited tackling in practice and the insistence on implementing the rule immediately, players, coaches and officials will have no time to adopt the new style of play. By JONATHAN JONES

Just over a month after signing a historic fully guaranteed $84 million contract with the Minnesota VikingsKirk Cousins was already getting down to business.

Down in Atlanta, where he spent part of the offseason, Cousins met up with Vikings wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen and running back Mack Brown in April to sling the ball around with the players he’ll share a field with this fall. By Courtney Cronin, ESPN

According to a report by Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the NFL last summer retained The Glover Group to survey fans’ opinions on a range of topics impacting the league’s image. Three of those topics were whether fans: 1. Believed that Colin Kaepernick should have been signed; 2. Attributed Kaepernick’s unemployment to his national anthem protests or to football-related factors, such as Kaepernick’s relative skills, salary demands or age; and 3. supported the NFL disciplining players who protested during the playing of the anthem. By MICHAEL MCCANN

When Giants safety Landon Collins had to undergo a second surgery on his broken arm in April, there were concerns it could be a significant problem: Collins had already had surgery at the end of the 2017 season, and it’s never a good thing when one injury requires two surgeries. By Michael David Smith


Six years ago, quarterback Robert Griffin III was a lock to start in Washington. Now, he’s merely trying to stay on the roster in Baltimore. He seems unfazed by the challenge. By Mike Florio

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