The NCAA sends many messages about athletics being a mere elective compared to the overarching noble pursuit of a degree. Compare that to the message Herm Edwards sent to his players this week: You can keep your scholarship, but if you’re not good enough as a player you’ll be dropped from the roster. By 

It’s early April, and spring practice is going on across the country. Many schools will be holding their spring games this weekend. All of which means that fan bases around the country are a little too optimistic about their team’s chances in 2018. By 

Who can replace a legend? That’s the question a lot of teams in college football are asking this spring. The good news for a few teams is that they actually have an answer but a few of those teams actually have an answer. As we say goodbye to some NFL-bound titans of the college game, here are a few players that may effectively step into those shoes.
 Sportsbook already is offering two-way prop bets on teams to reach next season’s College Football Playoff. SportsLine analyst Josh Nagel previews the odds and offers his initial leans on the contenders.
As always, when it comes to Hot Seat Rankings, it’s not just whether or not a guy needs to win or he’ll get fired. That’s about 86% of this, but it’s about pressure, too. Maybe, a made man head coach has to go 11-1, or else he’ll have to deal with annoying people. But mainly, going into the season, this is about the coaches who have to win this season, or else. By 


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