This is the first-round order of the 2018 NFL Draft, with a look at the top positional needs for every team, through the second wave of free agency (March 26). The draft order is determined by record, and using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker (record and strength of schedule are official tiebreakers to determine the draft order. By Lance Zierlein, NFL Media draft analyst

We’re three weeks away from the NFL Draft, and there are still plenty of things left to be decided before Roger Goodell walks onto that stage inside AT&T Stadium and gets booed like he’s never been booed before. Sure, he’ll play it off, and act like he enjoys it, but deep down I bet it hurts his feelings a little bit. By 

The 2018 NFL Draft is almost here so it’s time to take a closer look at the latest NFL mock drafts. Look for first-round predictions, the draft’s top players, and the first-round draft order below. Baker Mayfield, the former Oklahoma quarterback, is projected to be a top pick. By Connor Riley

The Green Bay Packers opened up a bit of a hole on the boundary this spring when they released veteran wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Admittedly, Nelson’s athleticism is not nearly what it was prior to his torn ACL in 2015, but he remained a productive boundary wideout and red zone option — at least when Aaron Rodgers was throwing the football. By 

As tempting as it may be, I’m not doing a mock draft less than a month from the first round getting underway. Too many moving parts, too many trades that could get completed, too many needs that could still be filled and far too much time to gather intel on what teams are truly thinking to wade into those waters yet. By 

The Cleveland Browns purge of their quarterback room continued Friday. Just a few weeks after shipping off DeShone Kizer to the Green Bay Packers, and just a couple days after punting Cody Kessler to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Browns sent Kevin Hogan to the Washington Redskins. By Edward Lewis, Around The NFL Writer

QB guru Jordan Palmer has had the benefit of tutoring Josh Allen and Sam Darnold—both legitimate candidates to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Palmer dishes on how the quarterbacks have developed, both on the field and off, during their stay at his California House of QBs. By TIM ROHAN



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