Michael Bari will change your life with his dynamic 3D’s keynote speech. Desire, Determination and Discipline are broken down to change the way you live your life and approach your personal growth.

“3 D’s That Will Change Your Life”


Michael Bari resets your personal and professional life with his dynamic monthly road-mapping sessions. Life Mastery System gives your the principles and patterns to achieve ultimate productivity and self worth.

“Life Mastery System”


 Quickie sessions can be done on site, with groups, individually or online. These quick sessions are implemented in weekly meetings, special training sessions or done on an individually basis to develop personal and professional growth qualities.

“Qualities of Highly Motivated People”

“Improve Your Effectiveness”

“Time Wasters”

“Taking Action”

“Managing People”

“Why People Can’t Honor Commitments”

“Creating Opportunities for Yourself”

“Reaching Your Goals Quicker”

“Closing the Sale”

“Planning for Success”


A LifeSystem  – “A program to develop a happier personal, professional productive life”

Team Building – “Developing the chemistry for working together”

Challenge Your Stress – “Dealing with the influencers”

30 Day Marriage Challenge – “Getting your relationship back”

Developing Leadership Qualities – “Becoming an effective leader”

Better Parenting – “Becoming an effective parent in today’s world”


High School to College Preparation – “Consulting on institutional, athletic, program evaluation”

Athlete 2018 – “Qualities for the future athlete”

Today’s Coach – “Developing the skills for tomorrows athlete”

Parenting Your Athlete – “Develop successful methods to parent your athlete”

Youth Development – “The right way”


 Healthcare Executive, Physician, Management Program – “Develops organizational leadership, management skills and productivity”

 Healthcare RN, LPN and Staff Program – “Develops customer service, retention and patient outcomes”


We will always customize presentations if our programs don’t serve your needs. Contact us for a client survey and consult free. Our agency provides the most effective, cutting edge, high quality presentations throughout the world today. Educating, motivating people to develop the skills and attitudes to control their own success that’s what we are all about.

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