We are one week away from the NFL Draft, and there is still so much uncertainty. Who will go first

overall to the Cleveland Browns? How many quarterbacks go in the top 10? How many trades will we see? With that as a backdrop, here is Mock Draft No. 6 from me, which might be my final one depending on any late information. By 

Saquon Barkley has deservedly received massive amounts of fanfare during the 2018 draft process after an illustrious career at Penn State. He’s destined to be picked in the top 10 next week. How

does he stack up to the four other backs who’ve been picked inside the top 10 over the past three years and where could he land in the 2018 NFL Draft? By 

The predraft obfuscation reaches its zenith right about now, days before the draft. And the Browns, who have the No. 1 and No. 4 picks — and a dire need for a franchise quarterback — have yet to tip

their hand. Common sense suggests they’d take a passer, though we still don’t know who they favor. But common sense was nowhere to be found in 2016, when they passed on Carson Wentz, or in 2017, when they passed on Deshaun Watson. By  

Four years after the Titans made him the eighth pick in the 2011 draft, Jake Locker quit the game and told his agent not to listen to any offers to return. It wasn’t his spotty performances or the recurring injuries that ended his desire to play—it was the growing realization that he wanted something else in life. By Greg Bishop

Don’t put the headband-wearing, grudge-holding, IQ test-smashing Oklahoma passer in a box—or even think of drafting him outside the top five. Baker Mayfield will remember, and he will hold it against you. By ROBERT KLEMKO

The strategy NFL front offices use when meeting face-to-face with quarterbacks before the draft.

Plus, who will be the first non-QB off the board this year, Saquon Barkley or Bradley Chubb? By CONOR ORR



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